Woodstock, NY, April 17, 2013: The First Nation Dakota People of Manitoba Canada are bringing their Unity Riders to Woodstock and the Hudson Valley this July and August. They ride to spread a message of peace and healing throughout the entire world. This epic journey of the horsemen will cover thousands of miles from Canada to New York State, reaching millions of people.

The riders arrive in Albany on July 27 where they will, for the first time in history, unite with the East Coast Nations. There they will join the Two Row Renewal Campaign for opening ceremonies and travel together down the Hudson Valley on land and river. The Haudenousaunee will launch their canoes the following day as the horses make their way overland. They will rendezvous at several locations as they come down the Hudson River. Many communities along the river will host events giving the public an opportunity to meet these great ambassadors of peace and join them in celebration. Their journey will culminate in NYC at the United Nations on August 9 where the International Code for Sacred Sites will be presented.

Upstate Moving Images was given the honor of filming this historic event with the support of members of the academy award winning “When We Were Kings.” The movie is called THE UNITY RIDE.


“We are trying to reconcile, unite, and make peace with everyone . . . to be Dakota means to walk in peace and harmony with every living thing” ~ Lakota spiritual leader, Jim Miller.